Opening Announcement

A9B aka Khora SoundLab is now open to volunteers and anyone interested in using and developing the space.

SoundLab is a non-hierarchical co-oprative creative space focussed on music, technology and sound.

In the future we will be running free workshops (COVID19 restrictions-allowing) in these subjects, but in the meantime we will have Open Thursdays.

Each Thursday evening from 5pm, the SoundLab will be open to the public - no appointment or signup required - so drop by and talk to us about your sound / music / technology project!

At the moment, the equipment available is minimal but we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks. If you can help with instrument or equipment donations, please get in touch. We are also looking for volunteers to help develop and maintain the space as there is plenty of DIY to do (so furniture donations / making is also welcome!).

We aim to provide an educational and creative space which will be available to all, with a focus on refugee and displaced communities, womxn and people of colour.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks, A9B